Tuesday, March 07, 2006


New UK Nordic Walking Instructor 'Qualification'

This information is relevant to the UK - Only.

An Instructor training course to gain the new CYQ (Central YMCA) 'Level 3' 'VRQ' (Vocationally Related Qualification) in Fitness Resistance Walking (Nordic Walking), will be held on May 13th 2006 in Maidenhead, Berkshire.

This externally accredited course is aligned with the UK's 'National Qualifications Framework', and is therefore open to Level 3 Qualified Fitness Instructors only.

Note: Qualified Level 3 fitness instructors who have been Certified by other Nordic Walking Instructor Training Organisations may apply for 'APA' (Accreditation of Prior Achievement) towards obtaining their VRQ.

What does this mean?

If the CYQ approved training provider, in this case 'Drummond Education', can approve your existing Nordic Walking Instructor Certification, you may be able to apply for 'assessment only'...

This means that you would not have to attend and pay for a Level 3 Instructor Training Course (although you would have the option to do so). Instead you could just put yourself up and pay for 'Assessment only' by a qualified CYQ Assessor.

On Assessment day if you meet the National Standards for Level 3 VRQ in Fitness Resistance Walking (Nordic Walking) you will 'Pass' and become qualified. The alternative is to be 'Referred' and you will have the opportunity to be re-assessed at a later date.

Note: For those not familiar with the UK 'National Qualification Framework'; Level 2 Instructor Qualifications (where fitness instructor qualifications start) are equivelent in the 'Academic' world to GCSE (used to be known as O Level). Level 3 Instructor Qualifications are equivalent to A Level (Advanced Level). Level 4 and 5 would be equivalent to 'undergraduate' and 'postgraduate' respectively. Currently there are no level 4 or 5 instructor qualifications in the fitness industry. .

Note: A level 1 Instructor VRQ would be termed as an 'Assistant Instructor. An assistant instructor would not be qualified to take sole charge and 'instruct', they can only 'assist' a qualified instructor (eg level 2 or above)

So... The CYQ 'Level 3 'VRQ' in Fitness Resistance Walking (Nordic Walking)' is the 'Vocational' equivalent to an 'Academic 'A' Level'.

For full details of this new qualification, contact - Gill Cummings-Bell at Drummond Education: Tel: 01628 776 56

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