Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Quick Technique Tips

1) Plant your poles at an angle of around 45% to the ground (see my right arm in photo). This will mean that the pole tip will tend to plant slightly behind the hip

2) I recommend planting with a straight arm (slightly soft elbow). Keep the arm straight as you push down to the hip and then through behind the hip (see photo). This straight arm (pump handle) action (versus a bent arm action), will maximize muscle recruitment in the upper body including the 'core' musculature (for the mechanically minded it's all about 'long levers' versus 'short levers').

3) As you push on past the hip, open your hand and release the pole. As your arm swings forward again (pole trailing from the wrist strap), prepare to catch the handle in time for the next 'plant'.

4) Under normal conditions, you only really grip the pole handles as you 'catch' and 'plant'. As you push down through the straps and towards the hip, you are already releasing your grip (an analogy we use is... imagine you are 'milking a cow'!) As the pole handle passes the hip, remember to 'open' your hand completely.

Have Fun and remember....Practice makes perfect!


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