Sunday, January 22, 2006


Need a Nordic Walking Partner or Group to Join?

Ok - There's nobody else (to your knowledge) in your area who Nordic Walks and there are certainly no Nordic Walking Groups. What do you do other than Nordic Walk alone?

The answer is simple.... Why do you need another Nordic Walker? Why can't it just be someone who likes to walk? You go for a walk together - they walk without poles and you walk with poles.

Re Groups: Why does it need to be a Nordic Walking group? I am sure most walking groups would welcome a new member. Poles don't come into it! Having said that poles are quite common in walking groups - Abeit usually the single hiking pole variety.

The bottom line is that lots of people enjoy walking and for the time being at least, unless you live in a country where Nordic Walking is already very popular it's going to be alot easier to find another walker, or a walking group than to find another Nordic Walker or Nordic Walking group

The good news is that once other people you walk with see the benefits and advantages that you are experiencing with your poles, they may very well want to join you.

I'm very happy to say I belong to a thriving "Nordic Walking Group" here in Saint John, New Brunswick Canada called "WALKING PROUD". The group seems to be growing every week as the sport catches on in this area. I congratulate Yennah Hurley for starting this active group. She keeps us going every night of the week for hour long walks and then we do longer walks on Saturday mornings. Check out her website

Marilyn Inch
Walking Proud member and INWA Certified Instructor
Saint John, NB
Beverley said;Nordic Walkers are more than welcome to join my group walks. We have a thriving club and regular walkouts in the Chilterns, Henley, Marlow, Windsor, and all around Surrey and Berkshire.
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