Friday, January 13, 2006


Click to Join Nordic Walking eCommunity

There's a NEW button (Yahoo Groups' button) over in the left hand column! It's to access the NEW Nordic Walking eCommunity that I have set up in Yahoo Groups. The idea is that it will become the place where Nordic Walkers from across the world will stop by and 'text' chat and post messages, make new friends and contacts with fellow Nordic Walkers.

Are you one of the many people who has emailed me asking if I know any other Nordic Walkers in your town or city? Now you can place your own request on your very own eCommunity Notice Board or alternatively why not grab a coffee or a beer and hang around the eCommunity Chat Room.

A word about the 'text' chat room - If you are not used to going into a chat room it can be a little daunting first time - The fear of the unknown and all that... Particularly if you go in and there are only one or two people in there. But please don't worry... Take the plunge it really is fine.

Some people just sit there and say nothing that's fine but it's far better to join in, even if it's to just say "hi everyone" or ask a question...

In order to post a comment all you do is key in what you want to say eg Hi everyone into the message line at the bottom of the chat window and when you are ready click send and your message will appear in the chat window and everyone else in the chat room can now see your message and reply if they wish.

In a day or two I will make another posting to let you know how you can talk FREE via an Internet phone service to anyone in the world with a computer and Internet connection and also how you can have a video link for FREE as well.

In the Nordic Walking eCommunity their will be members 'Polls' and the first one's set up already. It's asking what Nordic Walking Poles you are using. Why not check it out and tick the boxes? You can also upload photos - So if you have any Nordic Walking photos to share - then share them. Get your questions answered by other eCommunity members too. When I have the time I will put up an FAQ's section.

So join the fun and I hope to catch you inside some time soon. For access click the link below. If you already have a Yahoo ID that's fine, if you don't, not a problem it will only take a couple of minutes to sign up for FREE.

Here's the link:

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