Monday, December 26, 2005


Testimonial - From a couple of active retirees


"Firstly, thanks for a brilliant website, full of interest and extremely useful.

Jean & I came across Nordic Walking on the last day of a walking holiday in Kandersteg, Switzerland, where with a few hours to kill, we had a lesson. We were hooked!

As active retirees [70 & 68 yrs] we bought semi-adjustable poles [Leki Vario, carbon poles; +/- 5cm variation], thinking, rightly it turned out, that we would lengthen our poles as we got into our stride.

We walk 3-4 times a week, from 3-7 miles, in all terrains from local quiet roads to woods, beaches and mountains - Northumberland (UK) is ideal country. Here's our thoughts...

* Don't be in a hurry to build up speed and distance! It's amazing the new aches we discovered by so doing!

*Do go through a warm-up and warm-down routine - it really is beneficial. More details from David I'm sure!


Hope to have some news on that one very soon... Editor


*We use a GPS [Garmin Foretrex 201] to measure distance/speed etc, and download routes onto Memory Map [from Ordnance Survey]

*We recently had another lesson! Helped consolidate and extend our style - as well as correcting faults.

*Very recently we've also bought Travelling poles - 3-piece titanium [Leki Travellers] so that we can easily take them on holiday in our suitcases. Not quite as light as Carbons, but very convenient - and ideal in mountains where they can be stowed or used as the terrain demands.


To read an independent review of the Leki Traveller Nordic Walking Poles visit:

Note: This page does not open in a seperate browser, so dont forget to use your back button to come back to this page after reading the review:

To purchase these poles (or other poles from Leki, Exel or Swix) visit the 'shop' at:

Note: If you make a purchase, to help the site owners record where their recommendations come from, perhaps you would enter "Nordic Walking News" in the special instruction box on the online order form.


*We'd prefer the one-piece carbon poles but they have their problems with stowage and transport on flights.

Finally, we have really benefitted from Nordic Walking in terms of general well-being and fitness. The best exercise ever - and I speak as an ex-jogger and marathon runner.

Best wishes for 2006 to you and your website"...

Otto & Jean Meth-Cohn
Northumberland, UK

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