Thursday, December 22, 2005


Merry Christmas Everbody!

As we approach Christmas I would like to offer my sincere thanks to readers of Nordic Walking News for all the support and kind words they have given me since I launched this publication only 9 months ago.

I have received a huge amount of emails from around the world- Amazingly barely a negative word has been written... I just hope all the praise has not gone to my head! I do try to keep my feet firmly on the ground.

Nordic Walking News is a labour of love - Just in case anyone doesn't know, I don't get paid for this ! I am simply a Nordic Walking instructor and enthusiast who takes time out to sit at his home computor in an endevour to promote our great sport by writing articles and replying to emails. I have dedicated many hundreds of hours to the task over the past 9 months!

This is a service to the world wide Nordic Walking community. If you have emailed me I hope I managed to reply to you - I do try! I apologise if at times my reply has been brief, even delayed but replying to emails can be very time consuming and like everyone else I only have limited free time.

One of the spin offs for me is that I have made contacts and friendships with some great people in the world wide Nordic Walking community, many of whom also put in tireless dedication to the 'greater cause'. We all owe those people (you know who you are!) a debt of gratitude. Some interesting opportunities have actually come my way as a result of these contacts.

I like to think that my 'independent' approach has been a breath of fresh air in a sport which like any other is of course driven by commercialism. I hope that in a small way my efforts so far have contributed positively to the development of Nordic Walking.

To me it's logical that the way forward for 2006 is for Nordic Walkers everywhere to simply 'ALL PULL TOGETHER'. Like in any sport no one company, organisation or individual can ever be bigger than the sport itself.

This will be my last posting until after the celebrations, so may I take this opportunity of wishing each and every one of you a HAPPY & PEACEFUL CHRISTMAS...

Merry Christmas!

David Downer (Editor)

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