Thursday, December 22, 2005


Google's Map Pedometer - Check Out This Great Free Tool !

My thanks to reader Joe Jung in the USA for alerting me to the Google Map Pedometer, a fantastic FREE Internet tool for finding the 'distance' for a route you have walked or plan to walk in US, Canada, Britain, or Japan.

Within a minute or two I was able to zoom in from the world map (by clicking the directional / enlarge / reduce control buttons) to the very steet I live in (it even gives the street name - Maxwell Road). I was then able to find out the distance of a regular walk I take from my home here on the South Coast of England, simply by clicking my mouse along my route on the map.

From my home I walk to the far end of my road, down a footpath onto the beach. I then walk along the beach to the Haven Hotel which stands at the entrance to Poole Harbour (2nd largest natural harbour in the world after Sydney, Australia). I then turn around and walk home again - A distance I guessed to be about 4 miles, that I now now know to be 4.12 miles.

With this tool you can keep an accurate diary / log not only of the routes you Nordic Walk but also the distance.

I have also just checked out a route I used to run over 20 years ago, when I lived in a town called Ferndown (about 10 miles north of where I now live). At the time I was training to run the London Marathon and the route took me out into the beautiful countyside beyond where I lived.

I always said the run was about 11 miles. So what did Google's Map Pedometer say? - 11.163 miles !

So, if you live in US, Canada, Britain, or Japan go and have a play at:

Have Fun !

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