Monday, November 07, 2005


Video / DVD Nordic Walking The Ultimate Fitness Experience

I get numerous emails asking me if I know of a Nordic Walking DVD or Video that will teach you how to Nordic Walk - There is no 'English Language' video (to my knowledge) that will teach you the complete 'step by step' process as if you were attending a training workshop. However I am happy to recommend:
Nordic Walking - The Ultimate Fitness Experience.
The DVD / Video is not a quick infomercial, it is a forty minute full-length, instructional DVD/Video produced by Bernd Zimmermann, the Founder & President of the American Nordic Walking Association (ANWA). It offers a complete picture of Nordic Walking including: Basic Techniques, Advanced Techniques, Heart Rate Zones, Interval Training, Health Benefits of Nordic Walking, Exercises with poles, and much more.

To order this DVD / Video and to view a large range of Nordic Walking poles and accessories visit: and go to the 'shop'

If you place an order, so that the guys at Nordic Walking Online can see where their enquiries are coming from- Perhaps you would be kind enough to make a note in the 'special instruction' box on the online order form, that it was 'David at Nordic Walking News' who recommended you pay a visit.

Happy Viewing....

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