Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Nordic Walking Shoes !

I am frequently asked to recommend the best type of shoe for Nordic Walking. Up until recently I have suggested checking out specialist 'fitness walking shoes' - Not that that is necessarily as straight forward as it sounds...

Certainly here in the UK (I can't speak for elsewhere in the world) - If you go into a sports shoe store and ask for 'fitness walking shoes', don't be surprised to be greated with blank stares or comments such as "what do you mean... like a running shoe or a training shoe"?

After much searching around my home town I did found what I was looking for - Hence I currently wear the 'New Balance 746' - This was the only 'fitness walking' shoe I could find! Had I been a lady I would have had a choice of three ladies New Balance fitness walking shoes.

However - Now it looks as though shoe companies are beginning to catch on. An instructor friend in the UK recently showed me a prototype 'Nordic Walking' shoe from one of the major sports shoe manufacturers (not sure if I am supposed to mention which company, so I won't). I have also found the following short article about Nordic Walking shoes, that you may find interesting.


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