Thursday, October 20, 2005


Testimonial - My six year old likes to use the telescopic poles now

Hi David,

Thank you for so much good information about Nordic Walking.

I currently live in Germany and am hooked - as are many Germans. Monday - Friday I put the children on the school bus at 8am and then head out for my walk. I Nordic Walk for approx 1hr15min - This sets me up for the day.

Last year I had major surgery and have not been able to excercise. Nordic Walking, for me, has been the perfect exercise/release I have needed. Exercise and fresh air - perfect combination.

I started out with telescopic aluminium poles and now use carbon fixed length poles after reading your article about how to get the correct height pole. Two sets of poles and I've only been walking since September! My six year old likes to use the telescopic poles now.

Keep the information coming.

King regards,
Maria Kaley
Lotte, near Osnabrueck, North West Germany

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