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The standard Nordic Walking poling technique requires that as the right arm comes forward, so does the left leg and vice versa. We call this 'walking in opposition'.

This is also the standard technique used by cross country skiers (remember Nordic Walking is a cross between cross-country skiing and fitness walking). Another technique used by cross country skiers is called 'double-poling'. In double-poling both arms come forward together and you take two steps to every poling action.

Double-poling is a great way to create a more intense contraction of the upper body musculature. So if you are looking for even better results when it comes to eg toning and conditioning your abdominal muscles, then give double-poling a try.

Note: When you first try double-poling do it in short bursts otherwise you may tire quickly

An occasion when double-poling really comes into it's own is when you are walking down a very steep hill. Ordinarily when walking downhill (see previous posting) the pole tips stay behind you as per the standard Nordic Walking technique...

However there comes a point (as hill walkers will know), that the decline becomes so steep that it is not practical to keep the pole tips behind you any more. On such occasions place the pole tips ahead of you using a double poling action.

Note: All other points re: walking downhill (see previous posting) apply.

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