Monday, September 26, 2005


Update on Arm & Leg Co-ordination Posting

In a posting on Tuesday, July 19, 2005 I gave advice for people who have a challenge co-ordinating their arms and legs (in opposition eg left arm / right leg and vice versa) whilst Nordic Walking.

The posting explains the 'Drag' method whereby you simply strap into your poles and walk whilst the poles 'drag' along the ground behind you (do not hold the pole handles, just let the poles hang from the wrist straps).

As you walk swing your arms a little and as it feels comfortable gradually increase the swing. Once you can do this then you take away the drag and start lifting and planting the poles.

However - What happens if you are still having problems?

Well we then need to go back a stage or two further. When I teach Nordic Walking stage 1 is:

1) Walk without the poles and let your arms swing. As you feel comfortable swing them some more. When you feel ready move on to stage 2:

2) The 'carry': Pick up the poles (do not stap in) and carry one pole in each hand. Hold the poles mid-shaft so they feel balanced in your hands. When you feel ready start to swing the arms a little. If it feels comfortable gradually swing them some more.

If it goes wrong - Stop swinging your arms, just keep walking and when you feel ready start swinging again. If it goes wrong again stop again etc etc.

Note: Until you can walk holding your poles and swinging your arms as in 2) above, do not go on to stage 3 which is the 'drag'.

Tip: Do not think about it too much. If you are having difficulty, the more you think about it the more difficulty you will have. Above all relax. Take a deep breath in and as you breath out 'R~E~L~A~X ~~~~~~ Relax your shoulders, relax your arms, relax your muscles....

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