Sunday, September 04, 2005


Incorrectly Adjusted Poles Can Cause Back Pain !

A client contacted me the other day complaining of back pain following a long Nordic Walk. This particular client is not normally prone to back pain walking with or without poles.

My first question was - "Are your poles adjusted correctly" ? (The lady uses adjustable length poles). We had a brief chat about this and it turned out that the poles were infact too short.

Originally the poles had been adjusted to the correct length by me, however after her last walk she had shortened them to their minimum length. Before her next walk she had set the length up wrong and the back pain had resulted. She had been walking all day in slight spinal flexion which had put undue strain on her back.

Having readjusted her pole length, the next time she went out Nordic Walking she had no problem - her back was fine.

I cannot over-emphasise the importance of your poles being the right length...

For more information on correct pole length see my article on this Blog dated Friday July 15th titled - What Poles Should I Buy ?

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