Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Great tip re holding your pole handles

Further to the posting below re Marek's website www.nordicwalkingus.com- Here is a great tip from one of Marek's postings:

Re Gripping the pole handles - Marek says...

"Before we even start, let me emphasize that gripping the pole should be compared to holding a little, live bird in your hand. In other words: don't let it escape, but do not squeeze the life out of it"!

That's excellent advice... Editor

As I always say - The beauty about the Nordic Walking wrist straps is that you don't hold on to the handles all the time

The full action involves:
  1. Grip the handles lightly (remember the little bird) as you 'plant'
  2. Push down towards the hip 'push to hip'
  3. Push on through and extend the arm behind the hip 'push behind hip'
  4. Open the hand and release the grip 'open hand'
  5. Push back into the strap before the arm comes forward 'strap extension'
  6. The arm swings forward and at the front of the swing the handle catches up with your hand and you grip the handle again, ready to 'plant'

... and it all happens as if by magic ! Ok - Yes... it does take practice !

Note: I teach the Tom Rutlin Exerstrider straight arm 'plant' technique versus the bent arm plant as taught by INWA (see elsewhere in Nordic Walking News for the science behind my reasoning for doing this. However if you use the bent arm 'plant' then between 3 and 4 above you will need to add:

* 'Straighten the elbow 'elbow extension'.

If you use Tom's technique the elbow will already be straight.

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