Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Choosing the Right Walking Shoes for You

I am regularly asked my advice on choosing the right walking shoes. Most people badly neglect and abuse their feet with poorly fitting shoes, the wrong shoes for the job, spending too much time in shoes when you don't need to be in them etc.

For many years I taught group exercise classes and occasionally when teaching a stretch class I would do a whole class focusing on the 'feet' and nothing else ! The feedback I received after these classes was fantastic - The class members loved it. For most of them nobody had ever spent so long focusing on nothing more than their feet.

Have you ever considered this ? - Poorly fitting or incorrect shoes for the job can have a knock on effect on the joints right up your body ! Had you considered that the back pain or hip pain or knee pain that you suffer could possibly be traced back to badly fitting or incorrect footwear ? - There's a thought.

Ok - I have found a really great website where you can find out all about the right footwear for your walking.

Note: If the link fails either copy and paste it into the address line of your web browser eg Internet Explorer or failing that type it into the address line.

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