Friday, September 09, 2005


Bouncing Poles

In the past couple of weeks several people have emailed me to ask how to overcome the pole bounce which sometimes happens when you plant them into the ground.

I covered this question in Nordic Walking News earlier this year when I produced the monthly newsletter. However, there have since been many new subscribers so I thought I would reproduce the article for those who have not previously read it.

Do you find there are occasions when your poles bounce around a little when you plant them?

If yes - Here's a little technique to counteract the bounce:

As you plant the pole tip into the ground squeeze the handle a little firmer and at the same time push the heel of your hand against the pole handle.

To practice this: Stand still and plant the pole into the ground. Your arm should be reaching out in front of you as if you are reaching forward to shake someone's hand. The pole will be at about a 45 degree angle to the ground.

Now squeeze the pole handle and at the same time push the heel of your hand against the base of the handle. Release the pressure and repeat several times.

As you push with the heel of your hand notice how the pole bends backwards a little. Ok - Now try this exercise whilst walking with your poles. I also find this technique useful on slippery surface eg if the surface is dusty or there are a lot of fallen leaves or it's raining.

Great tip, David! I have noticed this problem at times, I'll have to give it a try.

Wendy Bumgardner
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