Monday, August 08, 2005


Testimonial - Nordic Walking In The Lofoten Islands, Norway

My thanks to Jim & Pam Earnshaw for the following article. I introduced Jim and Pam to Nordic Walking when they booked a private workshop with me recently.

"We have been Nordic Walking in the Lofoten Islands, Norway. It was quite difficult walking terrain but the poles were a great success both on and off track.

The poles were very useful as there was a lot of tumbled rock to scramble over. They were perfectly strong enough for use as balancing aids on some quite exposed pieces. We did some steep uphill climbs and found a double poling technique useful eg one pole push for every two steps.

We will soon be starting 'on road' training for the cross country ski season. The poles have been very good for both of us.

Note: The poles travelled very well in a cardboard pipe, there was absolutlely no trouble".

Jim and Pam Earnshaw
Bridgewater, Somerset, UK

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