Thursday, August 04, 2005


Nordic Walking Couple Ditch Wedding List For Malawi Aid

Firstly I would like to extend my congratulations to Nordic Walking News subscribers David Taylor and Heather Fraser who are to marry on August 13th.

I had the pleasure of meeting David who lives in County Durham on the North East of England and Heather who lives in Salisbury in the South of England when together they attended one of my Nordic Walking workshops earlier this year.

David and Heather are asking their wedding guests to help bring water to an African village instead of buying them wedding presents. They want to raise £2,000 to drill a borehole in the Sauya in Malawi.

They said: "Our friend Khiko and his wife Grace recently went back to his village and were appalled at the devastation, Aids has ravaged the area leaving thousands of orphans. We were so moved on hearing of their plight that we wanted to help. In the UK £2,000 (approx $3,600 US) isn't that much, but to Malawi it is more like £2m (approx $3,600,00 US).

To read the full article featuring David and Heather's story visit:

If you would be interested in helping David and Heather reach their target of raising $2,000 (approx $3,600), please let me know and I will pass them your name and email address.

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