Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Great Wall of China Sponsored Trek

Thanks to Nordic Walking News subscriber David Ward for the following article:

Having decided to aid Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, UK with a sponsored trek along the Great Wall of China, I decided to get involved in improving my overall health and walking endurance.

I have found in Nordic Walking the perfect way to not only enjoy the great country side around where I live but also sharpen up my act in good time for the event in October.

I have trekked more then 35 kms over the last week. I have watched the sun set full in the west, and on the return leg of my route watched the moon rising over the foothill of the Pyrenees before I reached home.

I must admit I was a little uncertain how I would feel after the first week - would I want to go on, or find reasons not to push my self. I know the answer already.

This morning as a part of my 'polar on-line training program' ( a great tool), I had to cover 8kms across country, maybe not that much for some, but for me it felt far enough for the last trek of a first week.

75 days to go to my trek in China and I have the feeling I will be ready for it.

David Ward
South West France

If anyone would like to consider sponsoring David check out his web page (Ed.)

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