Thursday, August 18, 2005


Ask David - Lazy Arm

Whilst I was lying on the beach today (tough job I know but someone's got to do it :-) I was talking to a couple who had recently been introduced to Nordic Walking whilst on holiday in Germany (where it's huge). The lady was experiencing a common problem for newcomers to Nordic Walking, that of the 'lazy arm'. She asked for my advice.

'Lazy arm' simply means that sometimes one arm doesn't work as well as the other arm during the poling action. You tend to find that you 'miss pole' or one pole drags a little.

If you have experienced this you will have probably noticed that if you write with your right hand, then it is the left arm that is 'lazy' and vice versa.

To overcome this problem simply Nordic Walk for a while using only the 'lazy' arm. Practice this at regular intervals and you will find that before too long you will have overcome the problem.

Thanks for the tip. When I took my first Nordic walking lessons, I didn't notice any great difference between my two arms. But recently my right arm has seemed almost useless; I can't seem to eliminate the double bounce effect. I'll give this a try and let you know how it works for me. (Although I get enough stares and giggles using both arms, so I guess I'll have to steel my nerve a bit.)
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