Saturday, July 16, 2005


Testimonial: "We Really Enjoy Our Nordic Walking"

Hello David

We really enjoy our Nordic Walking. Our fitness level has markedly improved. Most days we do a fast session in the morning and a more normal paced session in the afternoon.

I have recut the groves in the feet of the poles on two occasions with a hacksaw. I am sure that the feet will stand regroving a few more times yet.

With hindsight in the learning curve I now know that I was putting too much effort into the poles instead of a perfectly natural balance. I am aged 70 and my wife is 65 years of age and in doing 4 laps around our lake with a circumference of about 1 km we lap most people at least once and some twice.

It seems such a gentle way to exercise the whole body and work up to a sweat without any feeling of exhaustion. Sylvia has a lower back problem that causes discomfort when walking up hills but when using the poles she has no problems.


Reg & Sylvia Hansen

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