Thursday, July 28, 2005


Buy Nordic Walking DVD, Poles & Accessories Here !

Two of the most frequent enquiries I receive are from people wanting to know:

1) Is there is a Nordic Walking DVD / video I can buy ?

2) Where can I buy quality Nordic Walking poles and accessories ?

Well... There is an excellent 40 minute DVD / Video that I believe all Nordic Walkers will find valuable. If you haven't received training from an instructor then this DVD / Video will be particularly valuable to you - I love it !

Also... Yes I can recommend where to buy your poles and accessories too...

For your DVD / Video and equipment requirements I am happy to recommend you visit: and go to SHOP


1) If you make an enquiry via Nordic Walking Online it would really be helpful to me if you would mention that you have been recommended by 'Nordic Walking News'.

2) If you place an order it would also be helpful to me if you would enter the name 'Nordic Walking News' in the “SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS” box when completing the online order.

Thank you...

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